Chalkboard Name Stencils

Why not have a Chalkboard and a First Name Stencil cut out in the middle of the board?  A  good idea?  We thought so.

Your little one, can use the stencil on a piece of paper and trace out their first name. Or they can copy the cutout letters and write them on the bottom portion of the chalk board.  Learning while playing, we are sure they'll love it.

If that doesn't suit them, give them some chalk and let them loose with their creative side, drawing, writing, or scribbling.
Easy to clean:  give the board a wipe over with a wet cloth.

These babies are available in non-school font & school font. 

There is a limit of up to 10 letters for the name stencil cutout section, otherwise, the board becomes a little hard for little hands to handle. Note:  The space between each letter will depend on the length of the name. **If a name longer than 10 letters is required, please contact us
and we will try and work with you to achieve your requirements.

Finished Measurements:
215mm high x 345mm width
6mm thick (MDF timber)