Montessori Placemat

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Our handmade Montessori Placemat will help your child know where everything goes so they can get used to putting their cup down, begin to learn the proper placement of cutlery and will eventually set the table independently.

The Montessori Placemat is made out of rosewood ply with a beautiful natural grain, coated with natural bees wax - they are completely food safe.

These Placemats can also be personalised with the Child's name on the top left hand corner of the Placemat. 

Finished Measurements:
210mm high x 340mm width
6mm thick

Care Instructions:
*Placemats are NOT dishwasher safe
*We recommend never soaking the placemats in water
*Wipe clean with a warm, soapy cloth, rinse cloth & wipe over again
*Lay flat & air dry
Please note: The Placemats are totally food safe and are finished off with natural bees wax. So no need to worry should your little one drop food onto the Placemat. However, some greasy food may leave a stain on the mat, though we have found if cleaned quickly, the stain is not very pronounced. 

Not suitable for children under 3yrs of age.