My First Stencil - School Font With Join The Dots

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My First Stencil is a great way for a child to learn how to write their own names!  

This stencil uses the school font that is used in the majority of Australian schools. Start your child on the right path with learning how to write their first name,using the font that is taught when they start school.   

Using a pencil, the child can trace the stencil onto a piece of paper and then see their name revealed.  They can then trace over the pencilled name on the paper with a crayon for a bit more practise.   Why not start them off early - for younger children, mum could do the stencil part, and the child can then trace over their name on the paper.  The second row is also their first name, but in a join the dots style, dots appear on the paper, and they can themselves or with mum's help, join the dots to reveal their name.

This will give your child hours of fun, while learning at the same time.  There is also a small cut away on the left side, perfect for little hands to use as a handle to carry it around with them.

** Here, you have the option of 1 line for their name and a 'join the dots' of their first name on the 2nd row.
** This stencil allows for 10 letters (max), 1 row is for their first name only and below that, 1 row which includes a join-the-dots for their first first name.

If you require a stencil with a name which contains more than 10 letters, no problem! We can create a larger stencil for you, just get in touch with us!  (this may incur additional cost due to time involved and possibly increased postage).

We can work with you to customise a stecil for your needs.  Please email us with any requests.  

Stencil Measurements:
215mm high x 345mm width
6mm thick (MDF timber)

Not suitable for children under 3yrs of age.